Marojejy National Park
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photo: Paul Atkinson


How You Can Help

Marojejy National Park is managed by Madagascar National Parks (Andapa branch). Their community and biodiversity conservation activities are supported by two non-profit organizations: Duke Lemur Center SAVA Conservation and Lemur Conservation Foundation , who both have offices in Sambava. Dr. Erik Patel is the former Director of the Duke project and is the currently the Conservation Program Director of Lemur Conservation Foundation. Their community based conservation projects need support, and include: 1) Environmental Education, 2) Native fresh water fish farming, 3) Reforestation, 4) Family Planning, 5) Lemur Research, 6) Fuel-efficient stoves, 7) Yams, and direct support for Madagascar National Parks (Andapa) in a variety of ways.

A number of international organizations have programs in the Marojejy and Masoala areas which support local villagers in their efforts to protect their environment and improve health and education standards for all. Your donations are important to the success of these programs.

If you would like to voice your feelings about issues facing Marojejy National Park, letters can be sent to the Park Director. Please send a copy of your letter to us at for our archives. Thank you.